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Weekend Retreat

Tiaras and Transformation

"It's like a slumber party for your grown up self!"

May 19-21, 2017 -- Location TBA - Southern California

November 3-5, 2017 -- Location TBD  - Registration Opens in June

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This event is fully about your value and your values. You will come to know your value and own your values at the end of this 3 day luxury weekend. Ladies this is for you - because you deserve it!

Why Women-Only Events Facilitate Profound Healing and Transformation

Women experience the world in vastly different ways than men. We think, feel and perceive everything with the filter of our feminine makeup. Being intimately familiar with the experiences, emotions and challenges women encounter as they strive to live their greatest potential, I have seen too many women sacrifice their own spirit to fulfill those they love most. It is not healthy and ultimately serves no one. It creates “Empty Pitcher Syndrome”.

This retreat is for you if you are experiencing one or more of the following:

  • Anxiety about your past, present or future

  • Fear that keeps you from being where you want to be in life now

  • Feelings of anger, betrayal or hurt that you just haven't been able to let go of 

  • Frustration because everyone else seems to have an easier time with things than you do

  • Inability to let go of childhood trauma or adult drama

  • Broken or unfulfilled relationships
  • Depressive thoughts or feelings that scream, “WHY BOTHER!”

  • Inability to connect with your life’s purpose

  • Shame or guilt from your past

Have you spent $1000’s of dollars and 100’s of hours on self help, self medication, traditional therapy, and just about everything else but you're still not where you want to be in life? Then you understand time is a resource that is limited and one that should be spent wisely. How would you like to finally deal with and truly heal from, the trauma and drama of your past? How would you like to do it in a single weekend? Don’t think it can be done?

Here are some of the things some of our previous guests have said:

“The Best Experience I Have Ever Had! I have been to MANY conferences, retreats and trainings over the years and this one by far has had the biggest impact on me.” Jennifer Stowe - Bainbridge, Wa

"My Life and Whole Way of Thinking Has Changed!" Kitty Janusz - Whittier, Ca

"The BEST Investment in Me I Have Ever Made!" Heather Johnston – Concord, Ca

Working with Kimberly Rinaldi and her team of core coaches over the course of these three days, you can expect to leave with the following:

  • Healing from childhood trauma, including the shame that may have followed you into adulthood
  • Taking full control and ownership of your life, your choices, and your future
  • Knowing and honoring your values and your value
  • Never letting worry, doubt and feelings of being “less than” limit your life ever again
  • Embracing inner peace so completely that no one can take it from you.
  • Claiming your right to live Joy-Fully


Will it work for me?
Kimberly has helped 1000’s of clients all over the world using what you will learn this weekend.

How long will it last?
These changes are made at the subconscious level and are permanent.

If I have healed from anger, does this mean I will never get angry again?
We can’t keep you in a self contained box, life happens, the good news is you now have tools to change how you feel.

How does this work?

You will spend three days working through an action plan for your personal healing. At the end of those 3 days you will have resolved major challenges that have kept you stuck and you will leave with actionable tools, techniques, and exercises to take with you into the future so no matter what comes up for you, you can handle it and continue to heal yourself

Will I be able to share these tools with other people?
ABSOLUTELY! Kimberly encourages you to share these tools with your loved ones, with your coworkers, with total strangers if you are so compelled. Her goal is to empower as many people as she can to take control of their health, wellness, healing, joy and ultimately their lives. And, you can help her with that.

Don't Miss This Special Opportunity to Study with One of the World's Leading Women's Transformational Teachers in this 3 day event you will receive the support, wisdom, direction and most importantly - the TOOLS needed to facilitate deep healing, thought shifts and profound changes around experiences you identify as being most important to you.

Through exercises, guided meditations, presentations and one-on-one work with Kimberly and her team, you'll learn valuable lessons about yourself, and discover how to tap into the source of your own intuitive wisdom, power and inner peace. Know your value and own your values.

Kimberly will teach you tools and techniques you can use regularly to integrate your CORE Values into your relationships, work and family life. You will emerge more able to connect to the TRUE abundance of love, power, peace and creativity that has been locked away inside of you -until now.

Whether you're just beginning your journey to emotional, financial and spiritual freedom, or you've been traveling this path for decades, Kimberly Rinaldi's Lessons in Joyful Living Women, Wealth & Worthiness Retreat will help you ARRIVE quickly and joyously at the place you may have only dreamed of - until now.


I promise you a luxurious, healing, enlightening and life altering weekend. Where many retreats leave you exhausted and excited, we intend you to go back to your life healed, inspired and changed. 

​​I look forward to you joining me, ​I've already selected your tiara!

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