A Course in Miracles 
​Dr. Helen Schucman

Love is the human condition we come to share, you'll find only love is real.

Read as a daily meditation. 

The Shift - Dr. Wayne Dyer

Discover your true purpose, then discover why you're called to live it.
Required #3

Recommend Reading/Viewing

Some of my programs have required reading/viewing.

What the BLEEP Do We Know!?

Thoughts are things - quantum physics meets metaphysics.   DVD/Streaming 1hr 48min

​​Required #4

You Can Heal Your Life -
Louise Hay

Your thoughts are your choice, you can choose differently. Find out what negativity does to your body.

​​Required #2

The Secret - 

Why is gratitude so important?

​DVD/Streaming 1hr 31min

​​Required #1

Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill

Great for changing money mindset, ideas about wealth and abundance.

A must for EVERY entrepreneur.