Success leaves clues! Having studied them for nearly 30 years - I would love to share them with you. Through this group you will have access to Life-Changing Career Training and Life-Changing Healing Sessions. This group is for anyone who wants MORE: Health, Wealth, Love, Freedom, Joy and Success. 

I'm certified as a master trainer of NLP, Hypnotherapy, Gestalt based timeline therapy, EFT and many, many other behavior modification and life transformational tools. I'm a speaker, author, radio personality and founder of the Lessons in Joyful Living Radio Network.

I have a background that includes helping entrepreneurs expand their business reach, find that elusive work-life balance & make more money. I've helped others release the trauma & drama of their past - heal broken hearts, broken dreams to find the true essence of self that they had been seeking. I've also witnessed clients and students heal physical ailments from physical pain, to allergies and even the big C.

If you're ready to embrace the part of you that is immeasurably powerful, has infinite potential and is dying to be a part of your life - then you're in the right place.

Our Success Seekers get together for support groups, classes, seminars, informative talks and all sorts of things. Most of our Meetups are held at The Gallery in Whittier, Ca.  

Join me in person, online, by phone or listen in on the radio

RSVP to an event and join me to change your life!