I have enjoyed working with Kimberly! I have taken several classes from her and learned so much. She is a great teacher and coach. She takes the time to make sure you have everything you need. She makes it easy to learn. Her quick wit and charisma make it a pleasure to work with her. I highly recommend her for any of the services she provides. –Heather

I have been working with Kimberly as a coach, to assist me with finding a direction that is more productive and fulfilling to me. Kimberly is non-judgmental in her approach, yet will challenge you to look at the choices you make and how they serve your life and your goals. Kimberly has been available to listen and support whenever needed. I appreciate Kimberly understands we are all in our own spaces and need to walk through things in our own time, yet pushes you to move forward! – Barbara C.

Kimberly has been my guiding light towards living an intuitive and full life that I didn't know was possible. She has empowered me to explore my intuitive nature which, in turn, has helped me release many anxieties, fears and insecurities. I am grateful to have her in my life. – Julia C.

I would like to take the opportunity to express my sincere satisfaction with experiencing Kimberly's services. She has been such a positive influence and assistance with my issues. She is so professional, intuitive and gifted. I have been able to make so many changes in a very short time!! I am so pleased with every session and it has been such a wonderful help for me. Thank you Kimberly for your gift. – Barbara L.

I have had the pleasure to work with Kimberly in coaching for Financial Abundance and classes in Intuitive Development. Kimberly is fun, supportive, and has a huge tool box of amazing practices that eased me through both of the above practices. She has is professional, ethical and a hoot to boot. – Dianne D.

Kimberly has opened up a world of new and exciting possibilities for me. I have become aware of how my thoughts affect my life, and that is very powerful. Kimberly's calm and nurturing presence always puts me at ease. She is a wonderful coach and instructor. I am grateful for all that I have learned, and look forward to all the life lessons ahead of me. – JoAnne

OMG!!!  That is all I have to say.  I used the techniques you taught me to deal with a difficult neighbor and OMG!  It was like I was dealing with a totally different person, and I realize I am the only one who changed.  Thank you for making my life easier. – Carol V.

I am a client and a student of Kimberly Rinaldi's. As a client of her Success Coaching Program, Kimberly has helped me in many ways. I am now connected to life and living life to the fullest. She has uses many techniques to achieve rapid lasting results.  As a student of  her classes, I have grown spiritually and enjoy making a positive change in the lives of those that I come in contact with.

Kimberly always has the best attitude and always makes sure that we get what we need from her coaching and classes. I love working with her and look forward to many classes in the future. -Juan

I have known Kimberly for many years.  I recently became a client after a virus attacked my olfactory nerve and caused me to lose my sense of smell.  My problem was not just limited to the loss.  I had also; somehow, substituted the smell of everyday items with (what I perceived as) a foul odor.  This made coffee, chocolate, French fries, bacon and other things smell (to me anyway) like a cross between a dirty dishrag and nasty vitamins.  Things I used to enjoy were now causing me to gag and become physically ill.    

I had seen a neurologist who suggested Hypnotherapy as a tool to assist me in my daily activities.  After completing my sessions I now smell things the way the used to smell to me, the way they smell to everyone else.  I was recently tested at the 5th percentile in my sense of smell (meaning 95% of the population has a better sense of smell than I do).  So, physiologically nothing has changed; however, through the coaching and work I was able to access the memory of the smells I was missing and create a new association to these smells.  Thank You Miss Kimberly, and much love to you. – Jeannie R.