2017 LIVE EFT Training Calendar

Classes 10AM-5PM 

  • March 25-26
  • June 2-3
  • September 8-9
  • December 6-7
EFT Training
Los Angeles Area

Online EFT Training


  • Choices to replace the negatives with positives 
  • Handling addictions 
  • Delivering EFT to groups and borrowing benefits 
  • Introduction to surrogate tapping 
  • EFT and The law of Attraction 
  • Rewrite your history technique 
  • How time and space relate to healing  
  • How to introduce others to EFT and ensure your success with it
  • Simple tips on building a successful business 
  • How this may be the only tool you need to help yourself and others

EFT Emotional Freedom Technique 2 Day Intensive - Certification Available 

EFT Certification
LIVE EFT Training in Los Angeles Area - March/ June/September/December 

Online EFT Training Whenever You're Ready

Spend 12 hours training in EFT (optional certification available) and heal yourself. As all healing is self healing and ultimately, each and every cell of your body carries the DNA coding for perfect health and wellness for you. Why wouldn't you take control of your life, your health, your wellness.

Not yet trained in EFT, use this as an opportunity to start your own healing process and...

  • Release unwanted weight 
  • Release chronic & acute illness, injury and infirmity
  • Resolve PTSD 
  • Resolve childhood trauma
  • Let go of adult drama
  • Heal from heartbreak 
  • Eliminate cravings/addictions 
  • Release limiting beliefs about love, money or life 
  • Change your future

Already trained? Take your EFT skills to the next level to transform your life or empower others and become an EFT practitioner.  

Train for You - Self Development, Certify for Others - Career Opportunity. 

Experience the effectiveness of EFT first-hand and learn all you need to know to begin using it for yourself, your loved ones, and your clients.  This is a fun, fast paced practical experience in which you will have the chance to heal issues of your own. You will also apply EFT to partners and groups. LIVE Classes >20 participants to guarantee YOUR success.

During this 12 hour - 2 day hands-on intensive, you will learn:

  • The full Basic Recipe  
  • Shortcuts 
  • Additional tapping points 
  • How traumatic events imprint on the brain  
  • How negative emotions get stored in the body 
  • To identify core issues  
  • The "right" words to use 
  • How to deal with shifting aspects  
  • Testing and measuring your progress 
  • The Tell the Story Technique 
  • The Movie Technique 
  • Handling trauma, intensity and overwhelm 
  • Starting from physical symptoms -
    ​Chasing the Pain 

Don't just take my word for it:  

"I was convinced this was not for me... it's pretty much been incorporated into all my other tools now. I pair it with meditation, hypnosis, NLP and more!" 

"I took this class for one reason, to heal my past traumatic memories. I now share EFT with everyone." 

"Taking this class will change your life." 

Enjoy this fun, practical and inspirational workshop.  

EFT Level I & II Certification Requirements:
  • $600 Certification/Supervision fees paid in full
  • Attend all 12 class hours 
  • Successfully pass EFT assessment  
  • 6 case studies  
  • 3 hours 1:1 supervision or  
  • 2 hours 1:1 & 4 hours group mentoring 
  • Must be completed within 90 days of training