27.  She creatively curses - very creatively.

28.  She has studied language and communication for 30+ years.

29. She has trouble maintaining hobbies - they typically turn into businesses. 

30. She recently launched a line of inspirational art work.

13.  She launched a radio network -LiJLNetwork.com.

14.  She's worked with clients all over the world.

15.  She believes in Angels - big time.

16.  She has worked on missing persons cases.

17.  She used to call herself a closeted psychic - she's out now.

18.  She believes we all have intuitive, healing and psychic-medium abilities.

19.  She teaches others to embrace their Divine nature - #18.

20.  Formerly Catholic, she's more aligned with Buddhism.

21.  Kimberly believes balance of Mind - Body - Spirit aids in business success.

​22.  The Fleur de Lis has significance to her and shows up in her home, work and on a tattoo.

A Few Fun Facts About Kimberly Rinaldi

1.  Like Wile E. Coyote, Kimberly is a Super Genius - IQ 172.

2.  She launched her first business at 19.

3.  She began her yoga and meditation practice at age 5.

4.  She used hypnosis to quit a 2 PPD smoking habit.

5.  She began studying hypnosis after quitting smoking.

6.  Kimberly has trained multiple times in many of the methods she teaches for the purpose of mastering the tools, techniques & perspectives of the various programs.

23.  She has a private intern program training others in all of her skill sets.

24.  Kimberly ran a Free Medical Clinic for a couple of years.

​25.  Her favorite charitable causes are: Make-A-Wish, Hospice and Animals.

26.  She recommends her clients find "something bigger" than themselves to align with and give back.

 7.  Kimberly is co-owner of an art gallery.

 8.  She spent 20 years in a corporate healthcare environment.

​ 9.  She specialized in business development & process improvement.

​10.  She was a record setting medical claims negotiator.

11.  Kimberly attributes her success to "Ready, Fire, Aim" behavior.

12.  An avid reader/researcher - she often has 4+ books going at one time.